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Posters for Stockholm Straight Edge

Stockholm Straight Edge is a DIY collective that organize all ages and drug free shows in Stockholm since 2009. The collective is based on volounteer work that organizes concerts and shows. They have strong values about democray, feminism and intersectionalism and are part of the Swedish tempreance movent.

In 2018, all posters for Stockholm Straight Edge will contain something edible (and of course vegan!). 

This one is for Jenny Lysander (SE) and Jake Bellissimo (US) in November 2018. 

Still keeping up with the theme; this one is for Petrol Girls (UK) , Duschpalatset (SE) and Glenn Echo (SE) in September 2018. 

The first poster for 2018 uses a stylish sliced piece of cabbage. The poster is for Itäs For Us, Mystery Language and Flowerkeep at the legendary venue Kafé 44. 

The 30th of April is a holiday in Sweden, where spring is celebrated with bonfires, but also with Stockholm Straight Edges annual Firestorm Fest. This is the poster for the 7th. 

Night Terror (SE), Planet Y (FI) and Plastic Tones (SE) played at Kulturhuset Lava in 2016.